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The Chris Collection

 Who is chris?

Watch our film and learn more about the man who inspired Project Chris.


The Shirts

Our high quality shirts are made from 100% Organic Combed Cotton!

10% of all our profits are donated to Cancer Research UK in memory of Chris




The Project Chris shirt encompasses Chris. It took a while deciding how best to represent him, but being so hands on, no matter where you looked, there would be the after effects of all his incredible work. On his clothes, tools and benches, it made everything real and everything had a story to tell, just like him.

High quality - 100% Organic Combed Cotton




'Bloody Hell' was a well used phrase by Chris. He would always say it with real emphasis, the tone was always enthusiastic and it was a sure fire way to know if you had done well. He would often say it as a response to something you had achieved or overcome, it would always be endearing and encouraging. 

High quality - 100% Organic Combed Cotton




USUTU is the name of the last boat which Chris owned, the design features 9 other boats which he owned between 1991 and 2010. Chris was so passionate about boats and being on the water. The boats he restored were almost certainly the best display of his many talents and as such this shirt is dedicated to that.

High quality - 100% Organic Combed Cotton